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aRchiHype Origins Product Passport is set to reshape business models for home decor manufacturing companies that wish to assure customers they share the same values of environmental stewardship and sustainable manufacturing.

It empowers companies-within-home-decor -supply-chain to take steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products using blockchain.

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aRchiHype Origins reshapes and disrupts the home decor supply chain by providing key innovations:

  1. Advancement of the home decor supply chain information systems to accurately show the provenance and chain-of-custody in a standardized way;

  2. Removes the need for a centralised supervision authority;

  3. Proposes standardization for product passports  thus facilitating the adoption of new and innovative sustainable business models;

  4. Creates a market for second-hand home decor products.

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aRchiHype Origins is a transformative way to digitally track supply chain activity that facilitates collaboration and thereby strengthens and extends the home decor supply chain information systems.

  • Consumers, vendors and suppliers can verify a product’s materials composition.

  • Single, transparent and complete shared source of information.on product provenance and chain-of-custody

  • Better resources utilization

  • Efficient recycling & waste management

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aRchiHype Origins is building a product passport (including data describing defined characteristics of all materials in products, which give them value for recovery, recycling and re-use) for new and second-hand home decor products to be traded in an open marketplace

  • Increases awareness on materials in products

  • Major efficiencies and product design improvements can be realized

  • Improves the efficiency of product recalls by quickly identifying the source

  • Reduces fraud and counterfeiting.

  • Reduces GHG emissions.

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Meet Core Team

CEO Sorina.jpg

Sorina Uleia

Chief Executive Officer

  • Sorina Uleia

15+ yrs experience in

IT Business Development & Sales

5 yrs+ experience in Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, HPC

Evaluator & Innovation reviewer for the European Commissions  and EIT

Bogdan Moldovan.jpg

Bogdan Moldovan

Chief Technology Officer

  • Bogdan Moldovan

20+ yrs experience in

value-added IT&C solutions

MBA degree

CEO at Axigen Messaging

Co-Founder of Modulor Consulting

Andrei Uleia.jpg

Andrei Uleia

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Andrei Uleia

20+ yrs experience & 6,2 million sqm in Design & Construction Industry for Home & Housing, Residential, Office, Retail, Education, HORECA, Health & Sport, Commercial and SMLXL Real Estate Properties Development

Laura Niculescu.jfif

Laura Niculescu

Supply Chain Strategist

  • Laura Niculescu

25+ yrs experience, degree in material science (geology)

ILM Practitioner Coach Grade 7. She

CEO & Founder Restart Zone, Life & Business Coach

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